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Pedro Arrizabalaga is located in Elgoibar-Gipuzkoa (Spain). Elgoibar is a town of deep industrial roots that is commonly Known as "The Gunmaking Town", mainly due to its long gunmaking tradition, which dates back to the 15th Century.

Pedro Arrizabalaga was founded in 1944 by four craftsmen, master gunmakers, one of whom gave his name to the firm. Thanks to hard work and knowledge of their craft, the firm quickly obtained a well-earned reputation.

The love for their craft and devotion to long hours of hard work has been Pedro Arrizabalaga´s trademark since its foundation. Their goal is to offer the client nothing but the highest quality guns and the satisfaction of a job well done.

These are the essential handcraft ship principles which were transmitted to us by these great master craftsmen. We, those who learnt the guild working with them, feel proud of the knowledge acquired and the high reputation our guns enjoy in the market. Nowadays, the challenge is to ensure that our apprentices will continue with the principles that have ranked Pedro Arrizabalaga´s guns among the very best, so that Pedro Arrizabalaga will still be a reference of quality guns in the 21st Century.

Every Pedro Arrizabalaga gun is made with high quality materials and just in the same traditional way that they were made by their founders. This process has given them quality par excellence. A famous writer described them once as being "Spanish Best."